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What’s faster than a five year old, more powerful than a poop explosion, and able to leap tall tubas in a single bound? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Wundermums!

Launched in June/08, Wundermums aims to join like-minded moms with invaluable resources… and each other. We all know that we could do it on our own, but quite frankly we don’t want to!

With too many kids to count and oodles of parenting experience between us, we pumped ourselves up enough to believe that we were capable of doing this and doing it right! We envisioned a site of super proportions, one that could not be rivalled! We wanted to represent the cool, the cheeky, and the super freaky – namely you.

We offer an online forum where you can air your dirty laundry while you do your dirty laundry, share your opinions, and get to know the most mesmerizing moms around. From prodigious product reviews to parenting articles, you will find something to entice the sassy sister within. So if you have a moment to spare (or a few hours to kill) come and check us out – you won’t regret it!




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