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Got kids? Need stuff? Word from the bird is that Wundermums has the best taste around. Check out our shopping suggestions just like the other cool cats. Just a few things we love that make our lives as mom's a little easier!

Mel's Pick -

Product: Fill Your Own water bottles.
What makes it awesome:I love them b/c they don't leak, are kid-friendly, good to the earth, germ-free cap, and are super cute!
Where to shop: http://www.fillyourown.ca/
Cost: Prices start at $17.99

Sarah's Pick -

Product: Motherhood Maternity
What makes it awesome:Love it because they have a nice selection of casual marternity clothes in a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes!
Where to shop: http://www.motherhoodcanada.ca/
Cost: Various


Amanda's Pick -

Product: Spray & Wash Dual Action
What makes it awesome:It can get out any stain no matter what, which is enjoyable when you have two small children.
Where to shop: Any grocery store, I prefer to get the three pack at Costco, can never have too much.

Brei's Pick -

Product: TOMS Shoes
What makes it awesome:Love them because they are crazy comfy shoes that come in a wide range of colours that are great for work to casual or anything in between. Also with every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. This week alone I am 3 for 3.
Where to shop: http://www.tomsshoes.ca/
Price: Starts at $55





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